By now you must have heard the news. For 2017, Jeep went ahead and did a full refresh of one of their most popular compact SUVs, and this makeover took a model that was already good, and made it great.

Here at Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where we have a nice selection of the Compass in stock, we were curious. How does the revamped Compass hold up when compared to similar models?

Our in-depth analysis of the Jeep Compass comparisons was educational. We discovered that, while competing models from well-known carmakers, including Honda, Chevrolet, and Mazda have a lot to offer, the Compass more than holds its own, and, in some cases, surpasses those other brands in options and fuel economy.

For example:

  • The Jeep Compass vs. the Chevy Equinox taught us that, not only does the Jeep model get better gas mileage than the Chevy, but, also, the Chevy doesn't give drivers the option of getting their crossover SUV in all-wheel drive on every trim level. While every Jeep Compass can be had with all-wheel drive, only certain Equinox levels can.
  • The Jeep Compass vs. the Honda CR-V taught us that the Jeep Compass is a more budget conscious choice, and that the CR-V doesn't have nearly the same off-road chops as the Jeep. For our Ohio drivers who like their car with a little trail-rated oomph, the Compass is the way to go.
  • The Jeep Compass vs. the Mazda CX-5 comparison taught us that driving a Compass can be anything but boring. In fact, shoppers considering the Jeep Compass have a choice of exterior colors, and they can customize various parts of the car in contrasting color schemes. The Mazda doesn't have an exciting color palette, and comes in fewer colors overall than the Compass.

This is just a sample of the ways we've discovered the new Jeep Compass to be superior over other models. To learn more about the Jeep Compass, and find out how to order and custom-color one of your own, stop by and visit us at Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on South Defiance Street in Archbold.

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