Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter at Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Archbold, OH

Here in Ohio, we tend to know a thing or two about winter driving, but it's always a good idea to brush up on what you need to do to ensure that your vehicle is ready to take on yet another Ohio winter. Winterizing your vehicle is important to make sure that it is going to start, perform, and safely bring you where you need to go this winter. In order to help remind you of some of the most important precautions you can take to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the long winter ahead, we're going to list them for you below, and if you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to come visit us here at Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today!

How to Winterize Your Vehicle!

  • Refill or Replace All Fluids:Replacing or refilling fluids is often the last thing that drivers think about when thinking about necessary winter treatments, but it can oftentimes be one of the most effective precautions. Your coolant is important to prevent freezing in your radiator, while your motor oil should be the proper consistency to also prevent against freezing. Windshield fluid is also a must to ensure that you keep a clean and easily visible windshield that won't freeze this winter.
  • Ensure You Have the Proper Tires: We suggest fitting your vehicle with winter tires here in Ohio to ensure you're getting the optimal traction when you need it most. If you already have winter tires, it's important to make sure that they aren't too worn and are in the proper condition to take on the elements.
  • Battery Functionality: You don't want to be stranded this winter when your battery doesn't start due to inclement weather, so take the time to ensure your battery is properly charged and doesn't have corrosion.

If you need any assistance in getting your vehicle winterized, we want to welcome you to come bring it into our service center here at Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We have the genuine OEM parts and tires that you need to get your vehicle performing the way it was intended to this winter, as well as the constantly changing service specials that you need to find everything you're looking for at the discounted and most affordable prices possible. We are located right in Archbold, OH, and we proudly serve drivers from all over Wauseon, Defiance, Swanton, Delta, Toledo, and Napoleon.

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